Jan. 16th, 2010


Jan. 16th, 2010 12:43 am
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This was pretty much my evening:

[MOO] * Siana got to be a dragon lady with anger issues tonight.
[MOO] Siana> Someone was teleporting us to a banquet in our honor, and one in a
  million chance we wound up switching bodies with another group in the same
  building, of.. somewhat different alignment.
[MOO] Siana> So we didn't know who we all were, and the leader of the bandit
  group hadn't switched, and there was a geis on.. the new bodies.. to finish
  their task, or we/they would be cursed somehow.  And meanwhile our bodies
  were three stories up running around somewhere without us knowing.
[MOO] Siana> It was all very exciting.  And my new body was a draconic
  bloodline sorceress, so when they tried to force me to wade through a sewer,
  I attacked one of our party with my new claws.
[MOO] Siana> However, I'm disappointed I never got to use my breath weapon.  I
  had to give up the dragon body when I finally found myself.  :P
[MOO] Siana> I was going to use it at the end, just because I
  /could/.. but it was a good mage we were fighting, so I didn't /really/ want
  to hurt him.

I almost got to do this awesome move at the end where I would take a flying leap at my body, pour healing potion in the general area of her mouth and hope some of it went down her throat, and switch bodies (something that caused unconsciousness) in time for the healing potion to take effect and wake me back up again, but the DM would only let me do it with a natural 20, and I rolled 15.

Still, a very good and exciting night!


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