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I'm pretty sure this was triggered by my recent move and the new location I live in.  I dreamed the other night that the USA was giving, not selling, but giving the land occupied by the state of Texas and all the things and people within it to the country of Mexico, and renaming Alaska to Texas.  Despite how vehemently I argued noone around me could see why this was a bad idea.

I do often feel like I've moved to a different country, without the benefit of being on vacation and having amazing architecture or amazing sites or historical things or whatever to go around and enjoy visiting.  Every time I've gone into the grocery store, instead of friendly looks or even just plain being ignored, I have people glaring at me like I don't belong.  The announcements are all in Spanish, the people talking around me are all speaking in Spanish, and the other day they even had what could have been a Spanish radio station there... but between the speed at which the speaker was talking and the static of using a microphone (and my generally insufficient grasp of the language anyway), I really couldn't understand enough to be sure.  Instead of the cake and things I'm used to on display, there were Mexican breads and pastries on all the tables and other things that I'm even less familiar with on display elsewhere.

I don't recall having a problem in Austria with not knowing the language; in fact, if I recall that entire semester I loved being able to hear people talking around me without having to try not to listen in, and hated coming back to the USA where all of a sudden there was so much extra noise and I could understand everyone everywhere and all their conversations and all the ads and felt like I was completed overloaded in my failure to relearn how to ignore it all.  However, the mixture of familiar/foreign here is driving me crazy.  It's familiar enough (and of course, I haven't moved out of the country) that I expect to know what's going on around me, both in language and in just the things I see around... but just foreign enough that I don't understand and there are unfamiliar things all over the place.

Of course, if I get really desperate for something familiar, I can walk a few blocks north... to China Town.
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