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Just showing off my new icon.  I actually have written about 300 words in the last three days.  Instead, Sunday I was gaming, yesterday I worked then crashed because I was gaming until 2am the night before, today I started Thanksgiving baking then went out for the evening.  I'm at 73,331; with my new goal of 100,000 I need to start writing again!  (Tomorrow's already pretty much shot as well, as is Thursday... but if I make myself, that's doable over the weekend, right?)
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I finally (!) have a scene that I love, that shows two of my characters perfectly, and that will require very little editing!  And as slow as it was, it felt so very good to write it and know that it was right.  Tomorrow I'm going back to speed writing, but this scene started out so well that I couldn't give it that indignity, even if it meant I didn't get where I wanted tonight.

Where did I want to get?  I decided I'm aiming for 100,000 and wanted to have 75,000 today.  I'm actually at 72,160.  But I really can't complain with a number like that.
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I just realized that I'm 100+ pages (12 font, single spaced) into my novel and never went beyond chapter 2.  Chapter 2 started on page 9.  Something else I'll have to go back and fix when November (or the novel, whichever comes last) is over.

Also, I don't remember falling asleep last night.  I woke up at 4:45am still sitting up on the couch staring at my computer.
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I'm grateful for actual proof that I no longer walk around staring at my feet all day.

Not so grateful for whatever powers of obliviousness allow me to walk around all day with two different shoes one.  As in, one each from two different pairs.  I wonder how many people noticed - it took me until about 2:50PM.

! ! ! :-)

Nov. 15th, 2009 09:37 pm
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50,309/50,000. I was so close... and today is halfway... I couldn't resist going for it. If I go back to procrastinating next year, someone kick me.

On a completely different note, finished reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies today. Overall I enjoyed it, although I went back and forth at times (particularly in the beginning) between being amused at the zombies as the fun bit they were intended to be and being frustrated with the setting incontinuities and characters' singleminded-ness. And that's all I'll say.
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Current word count: 32,236. I've written over 10,000 words today (today as in the 13th, not today as in I'm posting this after midnight), all but 200 of those since 7:30pm. I haven't started struggling again (*fingers crossed the difficulty is over*). I found my lost character! Had another almost-fight, and finally got out of the beginning town and on the road. This novel is going to take WAY more than 50,000 to finish. Oh well.

I'm averaging about 2,000/hour, which is really good for me - but so very exhausting! Only two hours in I was feeling very worn out. Hopefully the pace won't flag too much before morning. Either way, though, this is by FAR the best I've ever done, and I am very happy with this year.

And now, back to writing.. before I take too long a break and kill my word count.

(EDIT) Morning Update: Final word count 44,001. Kept an average of 2,000/hour with the exception of 1am-2am, when 10 of us took at hour long break to play Apples to Apples. My brain is completely, utterly drained right now. Also, I went to a social event! And I played games and chatted with people I didn't know! And I had FUN! I may yet learn to interact like a normal person! That may be the best part of the night.

First Time

Nov. 11th, 2009 11:37 pm
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NaNoWriMo word count = 20073/50000 - a full day ahead of schedule.  That's the first time I've ever been able to say that (ever been able to say anything except 'well, I can still catch up...') during the second week.  And I still plan on going to the lockdown Friday night.

I haven't found my lost character yet, but I did not really look for him tonight.  I went back and worked on the first chapter, which is still not finished but much closer now, and actually interested me finally.  This is a good thing.
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I was not able to find a substitute job for today (*sad*), however, I spent the time cooking breakfast (trust me.. this took a while) and working on my novel.  So, current word count: 16,826 (*yay!*).  I'm still on track partway into the second week, which is amazing in and of itself, AND I've got today's words done before 3:30.  The most exciting part?  I did not feel like I was forcing every single word to the floor in a wrestling match before putting it onto the page (I still have no clue why I'm having such a difficult time with this, this year).  Once I realized there was a scene I'd skipped by fault of not knowing I needed to write it, I went back and started to write it, and everything came easily, which is good.  Also it can keep coming.  If I'm really good... I may even get ahead later.

Also, finally took enough internet surveys to earn a $10 Amazon gift card, which means I can finally order the book I need for my classes, which means I may NOT have to pay an extra couple hundred dollars to continue classes beyond the beginning of January.. as long as I manage to finish them all in ~10 days each once I get the book, despite Thanksgiving and then Christmas coming up.  Still, I have a chance, which is also a good thing.

Unless I starve to death before then, in which case it wouldn't matter, given that I'm now multiple months behind on rent, I can't get a sub job every day any more, and unemployment still hasn't come through.  But at least I wouldn't have to worry about paying for classes.

EDIT:  17,810 before midnight!  Not a full day ahead, but that's closer to tomorrow's count than today's.  So far, two scenes I hadn't planned on (but both writing themselves so easily), one character getting lost that I hadn't counted on, and one almost-argument between two characters that I hadn't planned on because I wrongfully assumed they'd get on fairly well.  I still think they will later in the novel.. but we'll see.

EDIT Again:  I've been thinking about it.  I have no clue where my lost character IS.  He was supposed to be kidnapped much, much later in the book, but right now I just can't find him.  I hope he turns up tomorrow.
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Word Count:  11765.  Still on track!  Unfortunately, whatever made it easy yesterday has left; back to forcefully dragging the words out of my brain today.  I've been working on writing chapter one (I started with chapter two) as well as continuing where I left off in two.  Most exciting thing this time: invisible walls, and a discussion of the possibility of burning air. ..  I meant to finish tomorrow's words as well, just in case I'm not around to write them tomorrow - but I think I'm going to sleep instead.

I've had this really weird feeling all day, like something huge is about to happen.  It's probably just my imagination.  Perhaps something I dreamed last night.  It's like I could fly if only I could take a running jump into the air, but there's nothing around to jump off of, so I just keep running.  I didn't say it made any sense.
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Finished it.  All I have to say is... why do I have to wait a year?!

At least, all I can say without giving away spoilers.


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